Our entire product collection has all the necessary certificates and certifications required by the
European Union.



Lion doo offers a variety of colors and designs in its fabric collection for furniture and eco-leather, which we select according to market needs, current trends, and technological progress. Our concept is that all of our fabrics for furniture and eco-leather are ecological and harmless to health. With
dedicated work, professionalism, and fast delivery, we have built a reputation as a serious supplier for both small craftsmen and large furniture manufacturers.


In September 2020. we took the business process to a higher level by opening an office and warehouse in Germany (Lion GmbH, Löhne, Germany). It is also our distribution center for Germany and countries in the EU. By expanding our market to EU countries, we achieve continuous growth, which is our goal. We do everything that is necessary to deliver and present our products to customers in the fastest and highest quality possible way. In the wide range of products that we offer
for production, most of it has upholstery fabrics, eco-leather, mechanisms, and staples, which we mainly import from China, Turkey, Poland, and Croatia.


Our quality has been recognized not only by customers in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also by customers from the surrounding countries. That is why we have decided to expand the range of our services and ensure the quality of the goods. In August 2019. we opened an office in China (Lion Office, Linping, Yuhang, China) with 8 employees. The task is to control the quality of the manufactured goods before distribution. We are also expanding our laboratory, where we can more
closely control the quality of our products. The office also focuses on developing new fabrics that will complete our collection in the future.

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Stoffe aus dem Träume sind. Jetzt LIVE erleben. Wir freuen uns Sie unserem neuen Showroom in Löhne begrüßen zu dürfen. Informieren Sie sich über unsere komplette Produktpalette und die ganze Welt der textilen Stoffe und erleben unser Konzept der Zukunft in Theorie und Praxis. Darüber hinaus bieten wir Ihnen interessante Einblicke in die Produktionsstätten unserer Muttergesellschaft in Bosnien.