Dekorativne tkanine, moderne i dekorativne tkanine za tapeciranje, Tapetarske tkanine Interior textiles
for home furniture
from tables and chairs to kitchen cabinets and sofa find the perfect textile
Dizajnerske i dekorativne tkanine za presvlacenje namjestaja: Mebl štofovi, pliš, eko koža, mikrfiber materijal, šenil tkanina Discover the best
upholstery fabrics
for every
furniture type
find the perfect pattern
Moderna tkanina za tapaciranje, moderne tkanine Mebl štof, eko koža, plišana tkanina, tkanina od mikrovlakana Quality and highly
Find perfect solutions for home furnishing textiles. our product


Using our expertise to improve the performance of existing materials and productionize breakout ones, for example, that are even more sustainable.


We have made an important commitment to phase out restricted substances as part of developing low-impact products.


Our high-performance solutions for man-made or synthetic furniture upholstery ensure every sofa, chair or cushion has the properties you want.
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Our specialist interior design technicians develop tailor-made solutions and work side-by-side with you to get the optimum result.
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We are cooperating with the largest manufacturers of upholstery

In our object, you can find a collection of 70 kinds of upholstery, with over 1000 different colors, and upholstery in stock of more than 4 500 000 m2.


Lion continues to expand its circle of acquaintances on all parallels and meridians of the world.


It is also important to emphasize that we care about the environment, our entire collection has all the necessary attests and certificates required by the European Union.
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We inform you about news about our products

Textiles and fabrics are used in a variety of high-performance functions. We use them to protect ourselves from the elements, improve our lives, increase safety and for technical application in industrial processes. That is why we always try to inform you about our news.

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LION Collection

Quality and highly decorated fabrics

High-performance and textures designed for indoor and outdoor projects and elegant solutions for you furniture.

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Find perfect solutions for home furnishing textiles. LION offers a full range of high quality technologies for interior textiles and other decorative textiles.

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