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Water repellent materials

Water repellent materials

If we see the words “waterproof” and “water repellent” in the material descriptions, we can think that they are the same conditions. However, they convey very different meanings. Waterproof fabrics always repel water. Under no circumstances do they allow water to be absorbed, even if the fabric is old.
Water repellent fabrics are designed to repel water from their surfaces thanks to high quality coating applied as a topcoat. If we don't react in time and don't remove water from the surface, the material will absorb it.

Water resistance seems like a better option, but one of the greatest advantages of water repellent material is the lightness and their comfort, and a feeling of warmth.

With their color palettes, Titan and Cosmic New are the fabrics that have largely founded their place on the elements of living rooms and catering furniture. In the end, the most important thing about these materials is the quick response, which is lacking when necessary. We choose between the many colors that we offer.