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Trends 2022

Trends 2022

The design itself is a broad term, but each of its sections has its size. Our area of action requires examining the range of areas from product design, fashion, interior design, architecture, art, and visual culture. Fortunately, these are all inexhaustible and abundant sources that you simply need to know, how to swim out with a good catch. That is why there are experts who predict future trends and they do so with great taste.

Magical scenes, interwoven with daydreams and fantasies, have long been missing in the real world, they invite us to take them and sink into crystal structures, play with light, glitters, and pearls. This is a subject of hope, wonder, and possibility, especially for those who like to escape into their imagination.

But no matter how much we “run away”, we all return to nature, to something essential and immortal. Soft colors and materials based on neutral pastel tones, gentle and calm transitions that are
beneficial affect the awareness that gives everything a balance. Sandy brown, pink, gray, all these shades that bring tiredness and harmony and are part of the future trends.

The light game is a color of another dimension, inspiring, preserving, concave. Stitched, crumpled, fluffy fabrics, simple games without limits come to the throne.