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New furniture fabric collections

New furniture fabric collections

Dear customers,

We have new products in our offer that we would like to share with you! As we strive to keep up with trends, we feel obliged to offer you a wider and richer selection of upholstery fabrics for home furniture. For this reason, we have expanded our regular fabric offer with new collections and we would like to present them to you.

The new furniture fabric collection has been chosen according to current trends, and following these trends, we can freely emphasize that chenille materials have emerged as the most popular fabrics that will be represented in many furniture showrooms during this and the following years. This does not mean that the existing regular collections will be less represented, but rather that we have expanded our offer with certain novelties.

We hope that our choice of new collections has met your expectations. You can see the complete new collection on our website or visit us in our showroom so that we can present all the collections to you in the best possible way.

We would like to point out that the choice of the new collection was not only ours, but you, our partners, also had a great influence on the selection, directing how the new collection should look both technically and visually with your comments and feedback.

We take this opportunity to express our GRATITUDE for the teamwork/partnership and we hope that we will continue to make many successful joint decisions in the future!

Yours Lion.