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Mechanical resistance tests

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Mechanical resistance tests

Martindale Abrasion & Pilling Resistance Testing


At Lion, we perform a wide range of mechanical resistance tests according to the highest standards laid down by leading international organizations.


Martindale test assesses fabric’s resistance to abrasion.
The fabric sample is placed in the Martindale machine and tested for abrasion.
The fabric sample is assessed at certain intervals to identify yarn breakages and appearance changes (e.g. loss of pile or pilling).
When the fabric sample reaches a specified number of broken threads or when the appearance of the fabric has substantially changed then the test is completed.


The pilling test will measure and determine how resistant fabrics are to pilling or fuzzing. The fabric sample is placed in the Martindale machine and tested for pilling. It’s the same
machine as the Martindale abrasion test but instead of the test fabric being rubbed against a standard abradant, the test fabric is rubbed against another piece of the same fabric. The
machine now rotates in a more compact motion, applying more pressure to a large surface area.
At intervals of 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 rubs the pilling is observed and assessed by means of a pilling scale (1 to 5). 5000 rubs is considered the final result of the test.